How to restrict Google image search to show face only

Google always been the first choice for all, whether one go for searching images or other kinds of stuffs, it has the facility for narrowing our search results to what we want exactly. In this tutorial I am going to discuss mainly about the Google image search engine, in addition to
the available options for narrowing the image search results, we can add little bit extra from our side. Have you ever noticed that when we search a person in Google image search it shows off all the images related to that person, but most of the time we need only the faces, so at the end of the day we think to narrow the search results to show the face pictures of that person, in such kind of situation I think this tutorial will help you a lot.

Follow the following steps

1) Search for a photo of a personality using Google image search say Bhupen Hazarika
2) Now to show only the faces place the string &imgtype=face at the end of the URL and press Enter

Finally you will get the search results showing only the faces of the personality you have searched for.